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auto glym wax

Auto Glym Ultra High Definition Wax

Auto Glym Ultra High Definition wax is made with the finest ingredients including natural carnauba, which gives up to 6 months protection along with the ultimate deep glossy beyond showroom shine, also this coating is extremely hydrophobic, so deep glossy shine and outstanding water-beading & 6 months protection.

  • 6 Month Durability​

  • Ultimate Gloss Levels

  • UHD Finish

  • Hydrophobic

Auto Glym Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating

Auto Glym UHD ceramic coating offers fantasic protection, gives a stunning glass-like finish & is incredibly durable. UHD contains amino-functional siloxanes & reactive polymers that adhere strongly to the vehicles paintwork, creating a semi-permanent protective coating.

  • 12 Month Durability​

  • Flawless Gloss Levels

  • Silky Smooth Finish

  • Incredibly Hydrophobic

Auto glym ceramic coating
gtechniq glass coating

Windscreen & Exterior Glass Protection

GTECHNIQ G1 CLEAR VISION uses a chemical bond that provides unrivalled durability compared to regular rain repellent coatings. The hydrophobic function of G1 dramatically improves wet weather visibility, enhancing safety by reducing eye strain. G1 also makes it effortless to remove contaminants like ice, bug splatters & tree sap from the glass.

  • 20k Mile Protection

  • Unrivalled Durability

  • Extremely Hydrophobic

  • Improved Wet Weather Visibility

  • Effortless Glass Maintenance

Alloy Wheel Protection.

GTECHNIQ C5 WHEEL ARMOUR provides the best protection for alloy wheels, the unique surface rheology & chemical bonding structure of C5 contribute to its outstanding performance, C5 offers excellent stain & contaminant resistance, along with the chemical bond formed between the wheel surface & C5 makes the coating highly durable & can withstand high temperatures. 

  • 2 Years Protection

  • Effortless Cleaning Maintenance

  • Unique Scientific Bonding

  • Stain & Contaminant Resistant

  • Withstand High Temperatures 

gtechniq wheel coating
smart fabric ab

Interior Fabric/Upholstery Protection.

GTECHNIQ SMART FABRIC PROTECTION Protects all kinds of fabrics from water-based & oil-Based stains, Gtechniq's unique scientific formula is extremely durable & with extensive independent tests has proven their smart fabric protection lasts 4 times more than market leaders. Perfect for protecting your vehicles interior from the accidental spills to everyday dirt & grime.

  • 12 Month Durability 

  • Anti Bacterial & Anti Mould Technology

  • Flurocarbon Free

  • Repels Water-Based & Oil-Based Liquids

  • Repels Everyday Dirt & Grime

  • Protects From UV Rays

Interior Leather Protection.

GTECHNIQ LEATHER GUARD forms a durable abrasion resistant layer, which provides the best ever protection against abrasion damage, ultra violet rays, dye transfer, dirt, spills & other harmful contaminants. Leather guard gives 3-12 months durability depending on how high-wear the area protected is. Lets get them leather seats back to former glory & protected to prevent future damage.

  • 3-12 Month Durability

  • Protects Against UV Rays

  • Abrasion Resistant

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